Configuration-Based Setup

The speed and simplicity with which an IT organization can launch new customers, add new services, and automate changes is critical to success. The only way to do this quickly and easily is by configuration, not programming.

Prospects choose ServiceAide for its ease of configuration, the time it takes to on board new customers or create new services. Cloud Service Management (CSM) supports 9 ITIL processes out of the box, so you benefit from best practices without programming, as well as the competitive advantage of offering a full-featured ITIL verified solution to your clients.

On boarding new logos has never been easier. If you want to white label your implementation and use your customer logos on their screens, just drop their logo into our client setup screen once, and everything they see will have their brand on it. The same is true for configuring their verbiage and, security.  When you need services and automation that to is a drag and drop exercise.  No programming is required.


Leveraging CSM’s no-programming administration is how our clients

  • Sustain their competitive advantage
  • Bid faster implementation times than competitors

All this, and still keep their administration costs low. How low? Our customers report they can manage 8-10 clients with a single administrator. How fast can they on board a new client –  in days or weeks, sometimes faster.

  • Fast client on-boarding and service implementation via configuration, not programming
  • Lower cost of support with a administration team

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