Platform Overview

Time to up your game with a best-in-class Service Management Solution? See how our user empowering mobile interface, asset discovery, service catalog, knowledge management, elastic search, and codeless service and incident configuration will take your organization to the next level. Cloud Service Management (CSM) raises IT efficiency and takes cost and complexity out of best practices IT service management.

With a modern mobile interface your customers will find CSM intuitive, providing the collaborative experience they have come to expect, reducing the burden on your organization to meet SLAs and achieve high CSAT. Configure and automate ITIL processes without programmers so you can cost effectively meet future needs of your growing organization for years to come. And the synergy of robust mobile user experience and point-and-click automation ensures alignment of IT to the needs of internal and external customers as your customer base grows.

Whether you’re just looking for a solid Help Desk solution or to implement a fully provisioned catalog of IT and Business services for an in-house IT organization, or you’re an MSP with hundreds or thousands of external customers, Cloud Service Management can be easily configured and branded to meet specific customer’s needs. Our multi-tenant and multi-tier SaaS service is deployed globally, and localized in 11 different languages. CSM is future ready and has enabled our top 100 customers to grow of 30% YOY. So whether you only need to handle 30 requests per month, or multiple departments and clients handling 30,000 requests per month – CSM can enable your growth.

Time is money and the need to onboard new customers and deliver efficient and robust IT services in days versus weeks is made possible with CSM. A scalable full featured ITSM solution that supports 9 ITIL processes does not need to be expensive nor difficult to implement. Simplified pricing gives you predictable costs—no hidden, complex pricing charges. A true cloud solution means you’re getting what you pay for—the latest capabilities the minute they are available. Let us show you how CSM can scale and handle your IT needs for years to come.

Help Desk

This isn’t your fathers help desk. Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides a modern ITIL verified help desk solution that focuses on solutions, notjust entry and tracking.

It starts with enabling user requests from anywhere, email, web, phone, fixed or mobile.  It orchestrates the best means available to handle requests,whether that is via self-service, an automated resolution process, tapping into knowledge database for a resolution, or using skills based routing to get to the best qualified agent, or any combination of these. CSM provides flexibility, and facilitates productive teams which can quickly and efficiently service users to maximize user satisfaction and reduce the impact of issues.

For every organization the help desk is still the first line of support, and its importance grows every day due to the accelerating advances in technology and seemingly relentless increases in business complexity.  Users can’t slow down, and any disruption in their job comes at a cost to the business. The need for excellence in help functions is whyCSM was built with the help desk as a core capability completely meshed with all ITSM capacities of the CSM product. With CSM you are not limited to a reduced set of “help desk” functions.  You have the power of an entire ITSM solution working as your help desk, even if that is primarily what you need today.

With all the power of CSM ITSM solution, your help desk can be automated where procedures can be defined to resolve issues, knowledge centric when resolutions are documented, optimally assigned and intelligently routed when support staff are required, and escalated when SLAs are approaching.  Regardless of the method of handling, the same tracking, analytics, and SLA management is available to optimize and continuously improve operations.


At the end of the day the job done helping users and customers is still the way your organization is measured. Whether in beak-fix mode, or providing general IT support, a successful help desk must be a top priority. With a full featured ITSM solution, CSM enables you to easily implement optimize your help desk given your organization’s size and staffing level.

  • Better customer satisfaction from improved responsiveness, communications, and visibility
  • Lower MTTR due to full featured ITSM to optimize issue and request handling
  • Reduced TCO from automation and optimal resource routing
  • SLA compliance insurance from 360 degree visibility and escalation no matter what handling approach(s)  taken

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Today’s users find it just as easy to access IT services on their preferred mobile device, as on their desktop.  The principle behind ServiceAide’s mobile experience is flexibility and ease of use. ServiceAide’s Cloud Service Management (CSM) solution provides an intuitive and collaborative mobile experience.

Let’s face it, users simply expect IT to be accessible thru their mobile devices.  ServiceAide’s mobile application is easily downloaded from GooglePlay for iOS and Android. No training is needed on the application itself. It’s that simple.

Users can easily log and update incidents from their mobile devices.  They can:

  • Track their interactions with the Service Desk
  • See at a glance all their outstanding requests
  • Be kept apprised of any IT outages or issues
  • Search knowledge articles to assist them with self-care.

Perhaps most importantly users can collaborate with IT on the go, from anywhere at any time. Any actions required in support of a request or process – like staying informed and keeping the business on track can be done through the mobile interface, , Even things like adding information about an issue or an performing an approval. And when a user returns to their desk or a different device altogether, they can pick up right where they left off. Mobile support means IT is always on, always supportive.

And if your customers have their own mobile portal, use our APIs to connect theirs to ServiceAide. You won’t be alone.  Several of our top MSPs operate this way as it provides a completely seamless way to provide 3rd party support to an established organization.Mobile is no longer an option; it’s the way we all work. Customers and field agents need the flexibility of service and support while away from their desk. Without a full featured mobile capability, you can’t deliver the service your customers expect and have grown accustomed to receiving.

  • Improved value to customers through ubiquitous accessibility to service and support
  • Better customer satisfaction from improved responsiveness, communications, and visibility
  • Lower MTTR due to better information capture and flow at the location of the issue
  • Improved responsiveness by enabling a mobile workforce
  • Reduced TCO from flexible workforce utilization

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Incident and Problem Management

Cloud Service Management’s (CSM) ITIL verified Incident and Problem Management together enable a highly effective help desk. CSM ensures the continued health of your IT organization by providing an effective tool to determine underlying problems associated with incidents and fix them before another incident occurs, and manage the telltale signs of a problem that will lead to an incident.

CSM’s has been optimized for rapid incident resolution. Categorizing incidents enables identifying services that failed and configuration items that may also have experienced failures – but not been reported. Identifying configuration items associated with an incident is easily done by lookup in CSM’s CMDB.  When the issue is not an isolated one, other tickets, configuration items or problems may be associated with that incident.  SLA matching ensures service level obligations associated with the incident are attached to the incident. To ensure compliance, incidents which are not progressing and jeopardize SLAs are escalated. Resolutions are easily found using CSM’s Elastic based global search.

CSM provides the visibility and transparency to keep users and management informed. Tracking and communication of incidents automatically notifies users when there is a change in the status of the incident and when the incident is resolved. Users may collaborate via web or mobile portal with the assigned staff, and they are given the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.  

CSM comes preconfigured with Dashboards and Reports.  This allows for management and tracking of incidents by:

  • identifying trends in problems
  • analyzing costs
  • agent performance
  • SLA achievement, as well as areas of recurring issues

Custom views may also always be created using the integrated JasperSoft™ reporting tool.  

Ensuring consistent operations is a critical management task.  A manager can view trends in incidents and determine if incidents are indeed problems. Managers can likewise see whether configuration items have been reported as failures. Managers can view the cost of the incident while open, and get a final cost associated with the incident upon the incident’s resolution or closure.

CSM’s Problem Management is focused on eliminating recurring incidents. CSM’s ITIL best practice management of the problem lifecycle works to prevent incidents from reoccurring.  If multiple incidents exhibit common symptoms or a single incident has no known cause, it is treated as problem.  The Problem Management process involves establishing a root cause analysis process which:

  • Categorizes reports of existing or potential problems with an existing device or service.
  • Enables diagnosis of the problem reported.
  • Manages the process of allowing for error control, existing control, or potential disruptions, leading to closure of the problem.    

CSM implements the entire problem lifecycle so if a Problem resolution necessitates a change, a Change ticket is logged. And when a fix is critical, you can implement the change before resolving the problem ticket to provide the fastest resolution possible.

Critical to any ITSM implementation is rapid resolution of incidents, and fixing problems so incidents don’t occur or reoccur. CSM’s seamless integration of incident and problem management with 7 other ITIL functions provides a best in class solution for help desk implementations.

  • Higher  SLA achievement due to rapid resolution, accurate tracking and SLA based escalation
  • Lower MTTR via better incident categorization, routing, visibility, and automatic escalation  
  • Sustainable cost reduction  from reduced incident levels  
  • Reduced service costs and reduced headcount due to more efficient agents

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Change Management

As an IT professional you know that rogue and unmanaged changes account for up to 60% of all unplanned outages. There is no disputing that effective change management is critical to IT operations. The speed, risk, and impact of change are largely determined by the level of impact analysis, planning, and automaton within the organization.

Cloud Service Management’s (CSM) ITIL verified Change Management Capability  provides the impact analysis and planning capabilities needed to ensure changes are planned, communicated, and scheduled, Policy and compliance standards are enforced, reviewed and approved prior to implementation. Using the full power of CSM’s process automation, tested and proven process flows can be used to implement changes, reducing risk and ensuring consistency and compliance to policies and procedures and reduced downtime.  

Leveraging ITIL best practices for change management is the most effective way to reduce your risk, and ensure SLAs, and contractual obligations are met.  CSM’s ITIL verified Change Management function provides a seamless experience for managing the change process starting with change requests and ending with automated implementation.  


  • Risk reduction through planning, approving, scheduling, communicating, and automating changes
  • Reduced downtime by employing proven automated processes
  • Improved Contractual and SLA compliance via  automated and proactive policy enforcement

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Asset Discovery & Management

Cloud Service Management (CSM) helps you discover, track, and audit all aspects of IT assets in your organization This includes servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, application software, and other assets that are deployed on your network. Critical to IT support and cost management, CSM’s continuous discovery and management of assets allows you to provide the appropriate support, change control, audits, and inventory visibility necessary to run an effective IT organization.

When a user needs support, CSM asset discovery has already determined what devices and software are running in which stack. This enables faster identification, more informed handling, and rapid resolution of issues and support requests. Likewise, CSM asset management enables informed and predictable Change Management as the items impacted are well known. CSM’s asset discovery means a continuously updated hardware and software inventory. This ensures an up to date view of assets and assignments such that purchasing can be more exactly managed, reducing the amount of unnecessary and idle hardware, software, and support agreements.

CSM’s integrated ITSM solution can leverage asset management in combination with tickets, change management, service management and automation to ensure that all activities consider the assets involved. For example, when a user creates a ticket, handling may be based on the assets assigned to that user. CSM’s awareness of the assets related to users, functions, and services reduces data entry, enables more accurate handing of requests and resolution of problems, and dramatically increases the amount of automation that can be implemented.

CSM’s ability to continuously discover and manage assets improves the ability of IT to control inventory, assess the impact of changes, and resolve problems and requests faster and more cost effectively. This unified data model provides a holistic view essential to managing large and complex IT environments.

  • Reduce cost of hardware, software and support by accurately tracking assets
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by improving automation levels through asset mapping to users and services
  • Improve Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) via an accurate view of the affected or suspect assets

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Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a critical tool for resolving Incidents, identifying the root cause of problems, assessing the impact of Change, and building a Service Catalogue. Without knowing the configuration of assets involved or impacted across IT functions you are flying blind.

Cloud Service Management’s (CSM) ITIL verified Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) supports the planning, identification, control, accounting, and verification of configuration items and underlying assets.  Creating this information in CSM’s robust Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) provides the connecting links and relationships between tickets, changes, and assets critical for management.  Simply put, a well implemented CMDB provides the data needed to successfully support and manage IT equipment and services.

CSM Configuration Management provides a wealth of capabilities.  It manages the monetary value of assets as well as inventory levels to make sure assets are in stock.  It also maintains location information and how each asset is supported and subject to the appropriate change control.

From this information, CSM can help ensure that an asset is only changed by authorized individuals, that maintenance is performed on the correct schedule, as well as enable verification, through audits and reviews. CSM’s Change Management module supports 7 core use cases critical to IT management:

  • Auditing & Compliance
  • Change Governance
  • Impact Analysis
  • Resource Optimization
  • Root Cause Determination
  • Services Mapping
  • Service Performance Planning


With CSM’s flexible CMDB you are not limited to managing IT assets. Business needs can be met as well.  By following the same methodology, you can track items for a catalog implementation, track assets assigned to employees, and assess the impact of change of equipment, or relocation. The uses are too numerous list.


CSM’s ITIL verified Service Asset and Configuration Management enables  core IT functions through cradle-to- grave management and support of assets. Consequently, CSM’s CMDB is fully integrated with Change Management, Help Desk, Service Catalog, Knowledge Management, and Process Automation for end-to-end management across your organization.


  • Improved MTTR due to accurate root cause analysis
  • Reduced risk from more precise impact of change analysis
  • Improved SLAs and audit compliance via accurate knowledge of inventory (versions, rev levels,  and models numbers)
  • Reduced cost of inventory from asset optimization and tighter inventory management

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Service Storefront

Today everyone is used to buying from catalogs in a storefront metaphor. Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides the same intuitive visual cues and icons to expose IT and business services to users.  Using a storefront and catalog approach means users don’t require training to find what they need.  They’ll use the online catalog instead of burdening the organization with phone calls or emails.  New services may be added easily and made immediately accessible to users.

For your organization the storefront and catalog approach enables presenting unifiedbusiness and IT services, in one place, accessed(and supported) by the same method. Your organization can now structure catalogs in an intuitive fashion for all your business departments, and structure IT services to best align with your various types of services such as help, support, and provisioning.

For both IT and business departments, supporting users could never be easier. You have one place todisplay your offerings, Adding, changing, and publishing services is a common process irrespective of the type of services, andwhich department defined and supports it.

The storefront and catalog approach supports everything you need to control who can see which service:

  • Eligibility to request a service
  • Tracking of costsand handling chargebacks
  • Back office approvals and provisioning.

CSM’s out of the box connectors make it easy to provision internally.  It can be through an auto generated email, software download, or externally, by connecting to outside suppliers to facilitate direct shipment hard goods to the user.  With the full power and ease of use of our Service Automation behind the storefront, automating the service is easy for any department without having programming skills.

Users benefit from a single source for all their needs, a search mechanismallowing them to easily find what they need, immediate feedback, statusupdates, andless frustration.  Turnaround times are much shorter since they don’t need to know which department is providing the service – no more trying to figure out if they need to go to IT, HR, or Accounting – it’s all in one place.


Unifying business services and IT services into one store-front portal makes user access intuitive and less frustrating, and reduces the support costs of the business.  It’s the way people expect to find and use products and services, simple and powerful.

  • Reduced service costs from an intuitive single portal that alieviates user confusion, as well as reducing errors and manual support
  • Better customer satisfaction due to greater visibility, accessibility, and usability
  • Reduced TCO via provisioning automation and a single point to manage

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Service Storefront capabilities contact ServiceAide at

Service Automation

Integral to ServiceAide’s Cloud Service Management (CSM) solution is the drag-and-drop Process Workflow Designer.  It enables service providers and business managers to design and automate their workflows and processes.

The ServiceAide process designer is simple to learn, with no programing involved. Most of our customers have assigned business knowledgeable employees, not programmers, to automate their processes and requests. And they have successfully done so without formal training on the tool itself.

Efficient and fast creation of automated services are enabled with pre-defined flows for several common IT processes, and out of the box integrations and connectors. You can use it to:

  • Fully automate your service desk
  • Automatically provision a service chosen from your service catalog
  • Assign a problem to a qualified agent, manage changes, or just notify users when service issues exist.

Automating your tasks is simple and extremely cost effective.

ServiceAide’s Process Workflow Designer is not just for IT. The tool is simple so  non-IT business users can  automate departmental processes, reducing the burden from complex tasks such as manual entry, order or request tracking, notifications, and approvals of everyday requests and tasks. Want to automate the approval cycle for an HR request for tuition reimbursement? No problem, an HR expert that understands the current process can define it in ServiceAide, and then have it added to HR’s request catalog.


Today automation is the key to lowering your cost of service, and improving service response times, and improving customer satisfaction.  It simply can’t be done faster or cheaper than through automation.

  • Reduce operational costs to a minimum by letting the machine handle it
  • Improve quality through consistent policy-based processing
  • Gain visibility from built in tracking of each process
  • Reduce risk by managing change in one place
  • Improve responsiveness by running at the speed of the machine
  • Analyze and envision improvements through processing metrics

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Project Management

When an problem  or task takes more than a few hours  to complete or resolve, or involves several  resources and steps,  treating it as a project can yield significantly improved results, improve your SLAs, and ensure  management visibility.

CSM provides an ITIL verified Project Management solution that is completely integrated into the functions of service. So whenever  a situation arises that needs more than an informal plan,  a project management tool is there to seamlessly configure with the deliverables,   tasks,  resources,  and timeline to hit your goals, commitments, or SLAs.  Instead of having to use an external tool, and somehow extract or populate your IT data into it, CSM’s project management tool isthere for you, integrated into your operations, your data, tickets, configuration items –  what you need  is there and can be easily used as project task data to form a project plan.

CSM enables tying service management process with project plans and vice versa. For example, due to the complexity of a change request, perhaps a software upgrade of multiple environments, a project plan may be beneficial to manage it. By creating a project and selecting the configuration items involved, you have seamlessly integrated a plan with your operational data.


When work involves coordination of resources, a defined plan with organizational visibility and solid oversight are critical to meeting commitments.  Planning and management can be a lot of overhead unless the data required is available is and kept in synch with operations. CSM has the data, so  just plan out your project  and CSM will keep it in synch as changes to operational data occurs.

  • Improved achievement of commitments and SLA compliance due to the visibility and management provided by a project plan
  • Improved cost tracking from detailed resource tracking
  • More accurate budgeting and scheduling on future projects using historical project analysis

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Knowledge Management

As an IT professional you know that the knowledge and experience of your organization determines its effectiveness.  Capturing that knowledge, and most importantly using and reusing it effectively is one of the most powerful best practices in all of IT.

Cloud Service Management (CSM) provides an ITIL verified Knowledge Management (KM) capacity that enables you to ensure that IT professional’s knowledge is translated into answers and solutions available to both agents and users.

Reusing a proven (and authorized) solution is the cornerstone to achieving a maturity level within an IT group.  More importantly it results in:

  • Overall cost reduction
  • Better agent productivity
  • The need for less experienced agents
  • Consistent SLA achievement
  • Higher customer satisfaction

The upside is significant.  The challenge is to ensure the policies, process and tools are in place to capture knowledge consistently when its known, so agents and users become knowledge workers.  

CSM’s ITIL verified Knowledge Management solution is completely integrated into the functions of ITSM. CSM’s was built with the knowledge worker in mind, not just agents but users as well. In fact, the success of customer Self-care and particularly its impact on the business is primarily a result of getting the right knowledge into the hands of the user given the situation they face. For both internal (agent) use and (external) user use, this is the goal of CSM’s KM.

Resolving issues, providing support, and managing changes are knowledge based functions. Capitalizing on your organizations knowledge and consistently reusing it is one of the best practices to scalable growth at a competitive cost and higher profitability.

  • Scalable  low cost growth by reusing  solutions and needing  experienced resources
  • Reduced costs by improved self-service, which sheds calls and prevents tickets
  • Reduced  MTTR by the immediate application of  proven solutions
  • Higher customer satisfaction by effective self-care user empowerment

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Knowledge Management capabilities contact ServiceAide at

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Learning an ITSM tool should be easy, and Cloud Service Management (CSM) is.

Jump right in and use our Sidekick help function to explain step by step how to use each function. Help is here when you need it so even novices can become productive on CSM in days.  Most of our customers have successfully added support agents to CSM without formal training; they get sufficient on the job training using Sidekick to assist them if they get stuck.

Being able to scale your organization or IT department by adding staff that can be proficient in days rather than weeks and months is critical to fast growing businesses.

When we ask our customer why they chose CSM, repeatedly the top answer is it’s easy to learn and easy to use. CSM’s ease of use and low training threshold has facilitated 30% YoY growth for our top customers.


  • Scale your organization quickly by  adding resources that don’t require formal training
  • Reduce dedicated headcount by having a pool of backup resources

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Advanced Reporting Analytics capabilities contact ServiceAide at



Cloud Service Management (CSM) is fully internationalized and has pre-built localizations for 10 languages and can be configured for the timezone the user is in.  So CSM can support your international footprint allowing for multiple subsidiaries, or even an MSP that is operating across multiple countries. By using language catalogs, screen names, menus, field names, even descriptions and codes are localized but may also be easily changed by an administrator.  CSM supports translation of keywords in the incoming and outgoing mail and translation of searches into the user’s chosen language. Reports may also be generated in the language of choice, assuming the data is in that language. Pre-configured languages include:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Italian


When your organization needs to support multiple international locations or clients, localization is the most effective method to ensure the same configuration can be used across all locations.  Users see the language they work in, but common administration is possible saving significant time and effort by supporting one implementation, but you also have the flexibility to create a  different implementation for  each country or region if needed.

  • Lower TCO for international operations by using one tool, with one configuration
  • Improved Customer satisfaction and engagement using customizable language catalogs

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Internationalization capabilities contact ServiceAide at

Elastic Search

In today’s knowledge based economy nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find information.  Nothing is more empowering than when you have it at your fingertips.

ServiceAide’s Elastic-based search capability allows you to quickly find what you need by performing Contextual Searches. Cloud Service Management’s (CSM) global search knows ITSM constructs, so you can specify the filters that make sense to your search.

Contextually aware drop downs aid the process since you often don’t need to type the name of the items you are looking for.  In fact, you don’t need to know their names beforehand. CSM knows what’s in your data, so you can choose the search term from a pick list.  Let’s face it,  one of the problems with traditional search engines is  it’s hard to find something if you don’t know exactly what it is your looking for – how its spelled, what ticket or asset it belongs to or when it was created.  CSM’s Elastic based contextual search makes searching for something you are not completely sure about – a sure thing.

Not only is our global contextual search easier to use, and much more likely to find what you are looking for, it runs faster too. Free form searches simply can’t provide the speed and power that our Elastic implementation provides.


In today’s IT environment the difference between a knowledge enabled organization and one that isn’t able to effectively use and reuse knowledge is existential. You can’t survive if you don’t leverage your assets, and your knowledge is your greatest asset. CSM is focused on ensuring you have the tools to create, associate, maintain, and  find what you need as easily as possible.

  • Improved MTTR by quickly finding existing problem resolutions and associated items
  • Reduced operational costs by reusing knowledge versus recreating it
  • Reduced risk by finding and applying established resolutions and procedures  

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Elastic Search contact ServiceAide at

Self Service

Let’s be candid, the more a user does on their own, the less cost and overhead on the organization. The good news is that is what they want! They feel empowered and in control. So Cloud Service Management (CSM) gives you the tool to provide a great user portal. Their happy, your budget is happy, a win-win.

Users are now accustomed to helping themselves so CSM provides an intuitive interface supporting all the information, services, notices, and search capabilities available to them in a way that IT can easily configure and secure it.

Out of the box CSM provides a full featured service center that empowers users to search for resolution to their issues, request a service from  a service catalog, receive notifications, collaborate with other users and agents, get reports,  track requests and services, and log tickets.  Everything they need to manage their needs, and they can do so from their desktop and on from their preferred mobile device.


An empowered user is the new normal. CSM allows the business to maximize the benefits of self-care in a way that is powerful, yet measured and controlled. The best part of all is users can solve problems without creating a ticket or needlessly using other high-touch and costly methods.  

  • Reduced TCO by using readily available prescribed cost effective  solutions, rather than investigating or reinventing
  • Lower MTTR from quickly finding a workable solution  
  • Better customer satisfaction as empowered users perform self-care
  • Sustained cost reduction from consistent  reuse of approved, cost effective  solutions and best practices

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Self Service contact ServiceAide at

Configuration-Based Setup

The speed and simplicity with which an IT organization can launch new customers, add new services, and automate changes is critical to success. The only way to do this quickly and easily is by configuration, not programming.

Prospects choose ServiceAide for its ease of configuration, the time it takes to on board new customers or create new services. Cloud Service Management (CSM) supports 9 ITIL processes out of the box, so you benefit from best practices without programming, as well as the competitive advantage of offering a full-featured ITIL verified solution to your clients.

On boarding new logos has never been easier. If you want to white label your implementation and use your customer logos on their screens, just drop their logo into our client setup screen once, and everything they see will have their brand on it. The same is true for configuring their verbiage and, security.  When you need services and automation that to is a drag and drop exercise.  No programming is required.


Leveraging CSM’s no-programming administration is how our clients

  • Sustain their competitive advantage
  • Bid faster implementation times than competitors

All this, and still keep their administration costs low. How low? Our customers report they can manage 8-10 clients with a single administrator. How fast can they on board a new client –  in days or weeks, sometimes faster.

  • Fast client on-boarding and service implementation via configuration, not programming
  • Lower cost of support with a administration team

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Configuration-Based Setup contact ServiceAide at

Pure Cloud Based Service

Cloud Service Management (CSM) is a pure cloud based offering – multi-tenant from the ground up, CSM is not an on premise solution masquerading as a cloud offering.  We are not splitting support between two types of implementation.. CSM inherently provides all the true benefits of a cloud based solution.

CSM is more cost effective because we support one code base and one form of implementation, which requires supporting only one release. That’s the only way to get the benefits of the cloud model. Our customers gain distinct advantages:

  • Lower licensing costs
  • Predictable costs
  • Rapid onboarding, worry-free scalability, no capex costs, zero system administration, immediate trouble-free access to new releases.

All this supported by high availability geo-replicated data centers, a robust user community focused exclusively on the same release, anda support team that is completely dedicated to yourrelease.

Zero upfront costs are a benefit to both IT organizations and MSPs. Pay for what you use, when you use it. Unsure how much capacity you’ll need in 6 months, 12 months? No problem, we’ll scale your implementation, appropriately.  You won’t have to worry about planning, sizing, or procurement.  If you’re an MSP that needs to quickly on-board new clients, its fast because provisioning is handled by configuration.

We care about the performance of our cloud service; we have to because all our customers are using the same service. Big or small, our customers are on the same infrastructure so they all benefit from the same highly scalable solution and the team that supports it.

CSM’s pure cloud offering provides benefits that are unmatched in a full featured, ITIL verified solution.

  • Low license costs from a true pure play cloud offering
  • Predicable costs
  • Outstanding support from a team dedicated to one solution, one release
  • Robust like-minded homogenous community
  • Zero capex costs
  • Worry-free scalability

To find out more about the advantages of ServiceAide’s Pure Cloud Based Service contact ServiceAide at