“ServiceAide allowed us to quickly deploy a full IT Service Management Solution within hours and its user friendliness increases user adoption. We are saving time and money. These benefits are a key differentiator for us.” - Curtis Shelton, Chief Revenue Officer, Corporate Support Services, Inc.

Stand Out and Highten Your Success By Going Beyond Traditional Service Management Solutions

  • Offer new services, gain a competitive advantage, win more business.
  • Increase your revenue, operational efficiency, profit margin and competitive advantage.
  • And of course empower your entire organization to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

More Business, More Revenue, More Margin

Managed Service Provider clients using Cloud Service Management have grown their annual revenue as much as 30% and realize numerous benefits:

  • Offer more services to competitively bid and grow your revenue
  • Have the lowest TCO versus other ITIL-verified solutions
  • Provide customer service at 25% lower cost than the industry norm
  • Onboard and manager clients in as little as a few hours with just 1 part-time administrator
  • Ramp new analysts to be proficient in 1 to 3 days

Flexibility to Integrate with Any Client Environment

Cloud Service Management gives you the flexibility to support the services you provide and services provided by clients who do not have a service management solution. When you engage with new clients who prefer to use their own service management system, you can still use Cloud Service Management as the front-end to capture input for requests and submissions for the services you provide from your clients. In such cases Cloud Service Management is ebonded to exchange data with your client’s existing system, which makes it possible for your staff and your clients staff to use the same systems everyone is already familiar with and avert additional training.



Easily Support Any Line of Business and Industry

You can easily support client growth across multiple lines of business and industries without coding such as: Healthcare, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Government, Education, Professional Services, IT.

Scalable Self-Service

You can easily create and manage services for each of your clients by organizing them into dedicated tenancies that are simple to create, brand and manage. In as little as 1 hour or less with just 1 administrator a dedicated and isolated production-ready new client tenancy and service management portal can be configured and ready for onboarding. All with less time and less cost than is possible with other (non MSP-oriented) service management offerings.

Cost Effective

Realize Value and Revenue Fast

Time is money and the need to onboard new customers and deliver efficient and robust IT services in days versus weeks is made possible with Cloud Service Management as your intelligent nerve center to facilitate rapidly launching services and minimize the cost and effort to onboard and administer clients.

  • Fast setup and fast new client onboarding means a fast time-to-value
  • Quickly come to market with new differentiated services
  • Begin realizing revenue from new clients in just 1 day or a matter of days