The Power of 1

One thing, one person, one idea, one something often makes a big difference. That’s the power of 1. At ServiceAide™ we embrace the power of 1, which is why we made our Cloud Service Management™ product friction-free, burden-free and simple to use. Its 1 solution used by many... Read more

Processes, Automation and Systems Drive Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is critical because it directly impacts lifetime customer value and your support costs. Highly satisfied customers also drive referrals, testimonials and positive influence via social media that impact your revenue. Organizations recognize customer... Read more

Great Service Means Being Responsive, Mobile Apps Make It Possible

Deliver Great Service Anytime, Anywhere with the Mobile Analyst App for Cloud Service Management Enabling your analysts to interact with Cloud Service Management means that your analysts and your organization can deliver great service to your customers with the responsiveness they... Read more

ServiceAide opens new office in Brazil – Sao Paulo

San Jose, CA – March 16, 2017 – ServiceAide Inc., a leader in IT Service Management for small and medium businesses globally, announced today the opening of the new Brazilian office in Sao Paulo. With the new South America office, located at Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 940 – 16º Andar,... Read more

Using the Right Tool for the Job Is Always the Best Choice

If You’re a Managed Services Provider – Get Ahead, Don’t Just Get By Trying to Use a Service Management Solution That’s Not A Good Fit for Your Business Model   You have a choice, get by as best you can with an IT-oriented service management solution, or get ahead with a... Read more

Meet ServiceAide at the MSPWorld Conference 2017

March 26-28, 2017 @ New Orleans Marriott  MSPWorld Conference 2017 MSPWorld has been the only event with a single, vendor-agnostic focus of supporting Managed Service providers and their respective ecosystems. Learn... Read more

Become a ServiceAide Partner

Become a ServiceAide Partner Grow your customer base, create demand for your brand and accelerate your profits by becoming a ServiceAide’s Partner today. Work with us in the way that fits you best—from referrals with one-time payouts to a powerful channel program with multi... Read more

Welcome to new partner ENTIIS

The ServiceAide team is happy to announce our newest partner ENTIIS. Singapore-based ENTIIS is a total solutions provider specializing in IT Infrastructure and Security Management. ENTIIS implements, manages and secures mission-critical IT assets across all industries and the... Read more

Welcome to Sam Acchione – VP of Finance

ServiceAide is happy to welcome Sam Acchione as our new VP of Finance. Sam brings with him many years of experience running Finance Operations of technology companies in different roles.  Most recently, he was VP of Finance for Aerohive Networks as they were going thru their IPO... Read more

The world is not single threaded

Process Management in most ITSM solutions models the lifecycle of a ticket. Actions and states are defined to model how an IT Analyst will move the ticket through t the stages of work, and complimentary system defined logic will be executed as a result (notifications sent,... Read more

Announcing our latest release of Cloud Service Management- Goldfish

As of January 28th, 100% of customers are on the latest release – That’s always my favorite thing to say. As someone who managed on-premise products for many years, this was the dream scenario. It’s a great feeling to know that all customers have access to the latest enhancements... Read more

Welcome to new partner Synergy

The ServiceAide team is happy to announce our newest partner Synergy. Synergy is based in Ecuador and offers more than 15 years’ experience providing technology services like ITIL Service Desk Monitoring of networks and network applications systems User experience and website... Read more

Welcome to new partner CSS

ServiceAide is excited to welcome CSS to the team as a new partner. Corporate Software Services, Inc. (CSS) is a global consulting services provider focused on delivering innovative business and enterprise ready solutions across all technology platforms, operating systems and... Read more

Agile ITSM

Agile ITSM – the term has been discussed for a few years now so surely you’ve encountered it somewhere along the way.  But do you understand what it is and what it means to an organization?  I bet there are quite a number of organizations who would tell you that they are doing... Read more

Why is Problem Management So Hard?

Why is Problem Management so hard? When organizations start implementing an ITIL solution, the first Service Support process implemented tends to be Incident Management. This process is the easiest to understand at all levels of an organization – after all – things always go... Read more

Change Management

Change management   Is your organization planning to boost your ITSM maturity level by entering the world of change management?  Where do you start and how demanding do you get with the change management processes that you implement?  This article will attempt to provide some... Read more

So You’ve Added a New Client!

Congratulations!  You have signed a contract with a new client for your team to manage their services!  Now what? What is the best way to onboard your new client? As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), this is one of the most critical moments that will make or break your success... Read more

Amazon’s move into Managed Services

What does Amazon’s move into Managed Services mean for MSPs? Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently introduced its suite of managed services called AWS Managed Services (MS). In a blog post announcing the launch, AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr states that this new offering from... Read more

Assets vs. Configuration Items

What is the difference between an Asset and a Configuration Item? There is a lot of confusion as to what the difference is between an Asset and a Configuration Item (CI).  When should a new object be an asset and when should it be a CI?  In a lot of ways, they are alike, but there... Read more

What is ITIL Verification?

What is ITIL Verification? ITIL verification is an objective software tool assessment process that validates a vendor’s toolset against a set of functional requirements.  The assessment determines if the toolset aligns with ITIL terminology, processes, workflow, and integrations.... Read more

What is Automation in IT Service Management

What is Automation for IT Service Management? There are many categories of IT Service Management (ITSM) Automation available to you.  The most basic form of automation can be defined as ticket workflow type of automation.  This is the type of automation that accomplishes: Opening... Read more

Service Desk with DevOps

There is a lot of discussion going on about ITIL VS DevOps – are the two compatible? Can a nimble DevOps organization coexist with an ITIL based Service Desk?  Can ITIL keep up with DevOps or will DevOps leave ITIL in the dust due to the new methodologies that abound for it? Is... Read more

ITSM Process Automation

Why Automate? When discussing the adoption of automation, IT Service Management (ITSM) organizations struggle with answering key investment questions. “Why should we automate our processes?”  “Will we get a significant return on our investment?” “What is the long-term organization... Read more

Come see ServiceAide at CA World ’16

CA World ’16 November 14-18, 2016 @ Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas Come meet the ServiceAide team at CA World in Las Vegas. CEO Wai Wong and director of Product Management Rich Graves will both be there to talk about the new vision for Cloud Service Management CA... Read more

ServiceAide at ITSMf Fusion 2016

Fusion ’16 November 1-4, 2016 @ MGM Grand, Las Vegas ServiceAide CEO Wai Wong will be meeting existing customers and partners at ITSMf Fusion 2016 in Las Vegas. If you are attending Fusion please let us know so we meet up. Fusion ’16 – Bringing together the... Read more